Last Macau Casinos

It is a well known fact by now that the best Asian casinos, and indeed some of the best in the world, can be found in Macau. CEO of Caesars, Gary Loveman, has now made strong predictions that there will never be another license issued for a US company to operate there.

Goan Offshore Laws

Quick: where will you find the best Asian casino in Goa? You do not know? Well, soon the answer could be changing anyway, as a new set of laws means that running offshore casinos in the area will be made much easier for operators, which will no doubt see an increase in the number of [...]

Philippines Gamble for Okada

Japanese businessman Kazuo Okada is known for the large number of slot machines and pinball games he has produced over the years, making some real waves in the global gambling market, but everyone really sat up and took notice when he partnered up with casino mogul Steve Wynn to create Wynn resorts. Now, he is [...]

Blackjack Loving Celebrities

There are celebrities out there who are known for their acting skills, dancing skills, singing skills and other talents too. But just like other regular folks, celebrities like to gamble a bit too and some celebrities just love to hit the blackjack tables and play hardball. Let’s take a look at who those celebrities are.

You gotta be kidding me!

Every once in a while you read articles about these studies that have been performed by a team of professionals who do in depth research, surveys and analysis of the most idiotic things and come to an obvious conclusion! Here is one of those glorified ‘duh’ moments that Best Asian Casino have uncovered this week.

Baccarat reigns supreme in Macau

Baccarat may be just another casino game for gamblers like us, but for the gamblers of Macau baccarat is the most popular game and they are going loco over it. When you visit a best Asian casino in Macau the first thing that will grab your attention is the amount of floor space that is [...]

Bollywood Star says no to gambling

Imran Khan is one of the hottest new stars in Bollywood. His recent film Delhi Belly was a huge success in India and abroad. However this successful actor with boyish charms, recently got hooked to gambling. Best Asian Casino has learned that the well known actor was filming his new movie Ek Main Aur Ek [...]

Asian Casino Gambling Market To Hit $79bn

The very latest report on the online casino gaming market, as published by PricewaterhouseCoopers, prophecies a worldwide growth of annual revenue by approximately 9.2% over the next four to five years. This represents an industry-wide figure of mind-blowing proportions, currently penned at $182.8bn (up from $117.6bn). The company predicts that the majority of this extraordinary [...]

Macau Vs Las Vegas

Well did you even imagine a gambling destination to rival Las Vegas, till 2001? Well, right from the day that it stepped into the gambling scene Macau has had its eye on becoming the best gambling destination in the world and the only thing that was standing between Macau and that prestigious title was Las [...]

Hidden Riches slot game review

It’s always fun to go on an adventure, and when your adventure pays out in heaps of money, it’s even more fun. The Hidden Riches slot game from Real Time Gaming is one such amazing adventure that helps you get your hands on the riches of an ancient civilization. The crisp graphics and high-payout features [...]

Singapore, Macau Lift Las Vegas Sands

The Las Vegas Sands in Singapore had much better second quarter earnings and even popped 2% in heavy turnover. This unexpected improvement for the asian casino can be attributed to the recent opening of the Marina Bay Sands property in April last year. The Nomura analysts have stated in their report that these results from [...]

Four Online Gambling Operators Fined In Vietnam

Four providers have been fined for releasing online casino games without proper permissions. The latest reports from Vietnam tell of The Department of Information and Communications in Ho Chi Minh City slamming a VND40 million (about $1,923 US) fine upon four online gaming providers. Their crime is publishing online games without the required licensing. The [...]

South Seas Themed Online Slots

Online casino software providers have decided it is time to promote the popular Islands of the South Seas in the Pacific. As a result us players are treated to some visually stunning online slot casino games that have these Islands as its theme. The best South Seas themed online slots include Paradise Dreams slot and [...]

Vietnam Gambling

It’s a really funny scenario in Vietnam right now. The government recently banned gambling in the gambling loving country in a bid to crack down on illegal online gambling outfits and bring an end to under aged gambling. I know, it looks like the government is trying to do good by protecting gamblers, but the [...]

Win at Red Dog Card Game

If you are having trouble finding a Red Dog game at land based casinos, then head straight to an online casino as this simple all game that is pretty popular at online casinos. If you find a game by the name Acey-deucey don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what it is because [...]

Macau Online Gambling Law

Recently a conference was held in Macau where online gambling’s legality was discussed as well as other gambling related things. An assessment done on the above issue thought that the region had no particular online gambling law which is a concern since no regulation could lead to illegal gambling increasing in Macau.

RTG Releases Mystery Online Casino Slot

Real Time Gaming (RTG) is known for their online casino slot games and no one can beat them when it comes to themes and graphics. So this season they have something new to offer and this comes in the form of a slot game that is titled It’s a Mystery slot. Well this online casino [...]

Asia Targeted By Online Casinos

Online gambling software providers are now targeting Asian casino markets. The Asian market, especially South East Asia has captured the attention of many online gambling software providers because it has a great potential and is one of the fastest growing online gambling markets. Asia has been well associated with gambling games for centuries and gambling [...]

Microgaming Launches Japanese Online Casino Games

It is a time for anticipation for us players as Microgaming has new games in store for online casinos. Microgaming is expanding big time and what best way to start than introducing more games. According to a press release by Microgaming’s head quarters that is located in Isle of Man, this leading and largest online [...]

Play Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo has been classified as a specialty game and will be found in online casinos in this category. This is an ancient game from China that has been played for many centuries. Sic Bo is a game that does not require you to possess any skills as this is a game based on luck [...]

Best Asian Casino

Best Asian Casino

Best Aisan Casino

Best Aisan Casino

When it comes to best Asian casinos, you are going to have a fewer options. There is so much money hovering around that city that someone will pay to get an honest directory out. This will include ratings of all the casinos as well as the payouts. Here we have listed some of the best gambling casino which you can find in Asia. Best Asian casinos (best Asian casino gambling) comprises of Macau, china and Tokyo. Most of the Asian casinos you can find in these places.

Casinos in Macau - Land Based Hyatt Regency and Taipa Island Resort are sited at 2 Estrata Almirante.Marques Esparteiro on Tapia Island in Macau. There is a Flamingo (Mediterranean) Restaurant, a Pousada (Asian cuisine) Restaurant and a Chinese Restaurant all within the hotel property.

The casino area supports the Cantonese, Chinese, English and Portuguese languages so you can enjoy Blackjack, Baccarat and the slots. Be sure to bring your passport and have enjoyment. Make the most of the hotels with many activities such as 4 tennis courts, 2 squash courts, swimming pool, disco, health club and a putting green and driving range. For additional information simply call the hotel at 853831234 and they will be glad to help you.

Casino & Hotel Kingsway The Kingsway Hotel & Casino (best Asian casino games) is located at Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes in Macao City. If you’d like to contact the hotel please phone the following number, 853702888, for any questions you may have. There are 410 rooms at the Kingsway Hotel & Casino along with quite a few great facilities such as a Health Club, a Karaoke club, 2 Chinese restaurants and an in-house casino. Gaming options include Slot machines, Baccarat and Blackjack. The Kingsway Hotel & Casino gladly supports the following languages…, Cantonese, Chinese, English and Portuguese.

Casinos in Korea Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino is only 37 km from Cheju Int’l Airport (23 miles). Large Scale Duty Free Shopping, Free Airport Transfers, Water Sports, Squash and beautiful Gardens only scratch the surface of what you’ll experience. You must be clear in your mind to have your passport and ID with you. Korean, Japanese and English are spoken at the hotel and its casino( best casinos in Asian ) There are over 6000 gaming positions at the Hyatt, with Hi/Low, Tai Sai, Blackjack and slots being amongst the many internet casino games to choose from.

Online Asian Casino Games

Online Asian Casino Games

ONLINE ASIAN CASINO GAMES Online Asian Casino Games: This online casino gambling in Asia was created and developed to give interesting and important information to the world about the Asian Casinos, gaming scene. Wherever, you are this site gives all the gaming information or hints to play online Casinos Games.

The Most Famous Online Casinos: Given beneath are the three most admired online Asian casino games, it’s a secure bet there are abundance more on the way.

Sic bo: The most loved online casino game is Sic Bo. This game is derived from ancient Chinese game and is played with three six-sided dice. This game has been translated into English; Sic Bo means ‘pair of dice’ or ‘dice bowl.’ The game is having very names but they are played the same way and with the same rules. This is very simple casino (best Asian casino) game to play and in this game there will be three standard dice are shaken inside a basket or cup and the outcome is determined by the sum of the three dice. A number of different bets can be placed, with the more common ones known as a ‘Big’ bet – meaning that the sum of the three dice will range between 11 and 17. The ‘Small’ bet is another simple bet you can make, whereby the sum of the dice is between 4 and 10.

Mahjong: This game had been originated from China and is now becoming most popular in the online casino scene, especially among the more discerning players. This game is played live with four online casino players. In Solo Mahjong we have to assemble complete 3-set suits (melds) from a ‘wall’ comprising 13 tiles. This game is not only played by seasoned players, but the newcomers can also pay.

Pachinko: This Pachinko game was played similar to pinball machine game this game is also one of the most popular game in online Asian casino games. Just start your play button and balls are rapidly fired until your press the stop button. Here you have to have many balls as possible so that you can have a bonus payout. This game was most popular among Japanese players and now you can get your Pachinko kicks online too, and from the relaxing comfort of your own home. All the above three given are the tremendous popularity already enjoyed by these three online Asian casino games, it’s a safe bet there are plenty more on the way.

BEST ASIAN ONLINE CASINOS: Here we have listed some of the best Asian online casinos supporting the Asian languages like Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other languages. The online casino games which you can play in this internet casino online are also given here.

Casino on Top: One of the best casino on web which support the above mentioned Asian languages. Games: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Slots.

Casino Lux: One of the best online casinos which support the above mentioned Asian languages.Games: Blackjack, Slots, Caribbean Stud Poker, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette, Video Poker, Chuck-A-Luck, Scratch Ticket.

Miami Beach Casino: This online casino live all the Asian languages except Korean . Games: Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette, Sic Bo, Cyber Stud Poker Red Dog, Sic Bo. The Red Line: The Red Line casino (best Asian casino gambling) supports all Asian languages apart from Korean. Games : Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Dragon Slots, Keno, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Roulette, Sic-Bo, Video Poker.

Casino Gamblers Tips

Casino Gamblers Tips


CASINO GAMBLERS TIPS: Whether you are new gambler or an old horse, whether it is land casino or online casino knowing everything you can about the venue you’re wagering your money at is – and always will be – paramount. After all, even if an online casino (best Asian casino gambling), for instance, offers you’re an unbelievable bonus; actually getting your hands on the cash is often a different game entirely.

Most of the gamblers should take the top 5 tips in mind before starting up and it matters little how much experience you have. In fact, if it has been a long time since you last analyzed your gambling habits, good and bad, you’re sure to find the following refresher course refreshing indeed. Also, if casino (best Asian casino games) gambling over the internet is new to you, you’ll find these tips particularly helpful.

New Gambler’s Tip No.1 – Do Your training, Before signing up and depositing funds with just any online gambling website, take a little time out to investigate that particular venue. A simple way is to go for Google search using the name of the gambling site you’re considering playing at will tell you immediately whether or not to wager at that site or avoid it like the plague. A little detective work is always worth the investment.

New Gambler’s Tip No.2 – Know the Game Rules, Please understand all the rules before you sign up a game. If you’re not 100% certain, take advantage of the Play for Free option available at the better online casinos (best Asian online casino). Gambling without the pressures associated with risking real money is just one of the many player benefits available to online gamblers.

New Gambler’s Tip No.3 – Stick to your Budget,Plan your funds and gamble the game or else you will be losing in excess.

New Gambler’s Tip No.4 – Never Ever Chase Your Losses Never. Nobody wants to lose funds which they have vanished? But the trend amongst the poorest gamblers is to place better and more aggressive bets with the hopes of recuperating their losses. It is a bad move! Instead, take a rest or just move on to a new game.

New casino Gambler’s Tip No.5 – Stay Focused,Giving more concentration to the game at hand pays surplus. Lots and lots of dividends! In other words, the more determined on the game you are gambling, the better your chances of succeeding.